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About Us

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All residents of Bond and Fayette County and parts of Madison County receive a copy of The Shopper in their mailbox each week. Residents who live outside the distribution area or those living inside the distribution area will now be able to read the Shopper on line for free. When reading us on line, take advantage of the “click here” option offered by many advertisers. When you see the special “click here” star burst on an ad, you can click anywhere on that ad and transfer directly to that advertiser’s web site. It’s an easy way to do your shopping.

1.    Who are we?

We are The Shopper. We have been in business for more than 44 years. We are delivered by the U. S. Postal service every Monday. Our office is located at 1200 12th St. in Highland.

2.    How often do we publish?

The Shopper is published every Monday and delivered in your mailbox.

3.    Where do we go?

The Shopper goes into more than 24,000 homes each week. It goes into every household in Bond County and every household in Fayette County. In addition, the Shopper is delivered to Alhambra, New Douglas, Highland, St. Jacob, Troy and Pierron in Madison County, Coffeen and Fillmore in Montgomery County.

4.    What type of ads do we run?

The Shopper publishes all types of advertising. Area residents use the publication to advertise their household items, cars, trucks and homes. Items range from livestock and clothing to used tires and windows. Many residents anxiously await the arrival of the Shopper each week just to read the classified ads. Retailers have experienced tremendous success from advertising in the Shopper. Businesses offering services and goods see great results from their advertising campaigns and many have been Shopper advertisers for years. Businesses of all sizes advertise in the Shopper. They range from the small one-man plumbing businesses to large retailers and grocers. In addition to classified and display advertising, The Shopper publishes many preprint inserts on a weekly basis. This type of advertising enables a customer to purchase all or a portion of the Shopper’s market.

5. How do we price the ads?

The size and frequency of the advertising campaign determines the rate used in calculating the price of ads. A rate grid is featured on this web site, which will help you determine the investment of your ad. A Shopper advertising representative can help you determine the rate for any ad. Classified ads are priced by the word. An on-line calculator and payment screen are available to you on this web site and make it easy to get your classified into the next available edition. Rates for preprints and inserts are calculated according to the number of pages and total weight of each piece.

6.    What services do we offer?

The staff of The Shopper is trained in most phases of print and on-line advertising. The staff has over 100 years of advertising experience and works with national advertising services in order to provide you with the latest in artwork and layout techniques. The staff can offer you assistance in ad budgeting and ad planning. The staff can compose ads to meet your needs and can provide you with as many spec ads as you require. And, all of the services listed are absolutely free of charge to you.

7.    How do we handle billing?

Advance payment is required for classified advertising. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted for classifieds. Display advertisers can set up an in-house charge account or pay with credit card. Call our office at 618-654-4459 for more information.